English page

Do you speak english? Yes? For then this is your page. Here we can speak English, fot those who do not understand the Spanish.

Well, you see. I’ll report on everything that happens. Video games, music, movies, surveys…all topics discussed in ZonaGamerXD also appear here for those who likes the blog, but do not understand our language (Spanish). OK, so below you can see new releases of video games and film:


This month have been many great games with many premieres. Do you want know what games are? OK, these are the November bombings:

CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 3: possibly the best game of the month. Essential for your Play Station.

EYEPET AND HIS FRIENDS: The new delivery of your favourite pet back to your PS3.

ASSASSINS CREED: REVELATIONS: Hand out your gamer and enjoy this game.

We can also enjoy Need for Speed: THE RUN, new Invizimals and WWE 2012.


In November we enjoyed many quality releases can still enjoy, as SHAR 3D: DAM, THE CAT WITH BOATS or TWILIGHT: PART 1. That good!!


Do you like music? Yes? Good, so recently emerged as very good songs to enjoy the best music, as International love  or You da one. Do you want listen that songs? Good! Here are:

Up to this moment, but don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll bring updates about what’s cool and fun. Greetings to all visitors ZonaGamer universal. Don’t forget to comment. An embrace of the creator: Alvaro Haro. See you 😉



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